Is There Uber In Mykonos In 2024? Getting Around The Island

Are you planning a trip to Greece and wondering if Uber is in Mykonos?

Mykonos is a lively island known for being one of the top party capitals in the world. Aside from the party scene, it is a gorgeous island full of traditional whitewashed houses and beautiful blue waters from the Aegean Sea.

When you’re in the planning phase of your Mykonos vacation, you may be curious about how you’ll get around.

Uber is such a convenient way to get around and is available in numerous destinations worldwide. One question I had before arriving on this lively island was how available Uber would be in Mykonos. At the time, I had traveled to four other Greek islands, and Uber was unavailable on some islands.

Uber currently has operations in Mykonos; however, the traditional Uber services you may be used to are unavailable. This is great news for those who favor using Uber as their means of transportation. In addition, more means of transport are available that will prove to be more convenient and budget-friendly.

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This post will review Uber’s operations in Mykonos and the other transportation methods available as you explore “The Island of the Winds.”

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Is There Uber in Mykonos?

During the planning phase of my trip to Mykonos, one of the biggest logistics I had to figure out was my transportation options. I wondered if I could order an Uber to take me to a catamaran cruise, a beach club, or a nice place to catch the sunset.

As previously stated, you can currently use the Uber app in Mykonos. However, it’s important to note some differences from the traditional services that you may be used to.

Views of the main town, Chora.

First, UberX is not available in Mykonos. This is the most popular type of Uber, typically providing lower fares than taxis. Due to competition from other transportation options and being outright banned, there are currently no plans to offer UberX on the island.

👉TRAVEL TIP: A major pitfall of using Uber in Mykonos is that fares can be high, especially during peak season. You can easily expect to pay 40-50 euros for short-distance routes. However, renting a car or scheduling transport can help avoid these rates.

Instead, you can choose from Uber Taxi, Uber Comfort, Uber Van, or Uber Boat using the Uber app in Mykonos. Next, I’ll give a brief description of each service offered.

What Types of Uber are Available in Mykonos?

Several options are available as you secure transportation from the airport or main ports to your accommodation in Mykonos by using Uber. As previously stated, there are 4 Uber methods available in Mykonos.

Beautiful white-washed buildings in Chora

🚕Uber Taxi: A popular way to connect with local taxi companies to reach your destination. Be mindful that this will be priced on a metered basis, and there may be scarce availability to meet the demand.

🚙Uber Comfort: In collaboration with Uber, local transportation services in Mykonos offer a convenient option known as Uber Comfort. This service typically has flat-rate transportation for passengers, but this is known to increase with high demand. Be mindful that Uber Comfort vehicles can accommodate a maximum of four passengers.

🚐Uber Van: This service is similar to Uber Comfort but accommodates up to six passengers. Also provided by local transportation services, it’s important to note that this service charges a higher rate.

🛥️Uber Boat: The most unique form of Uber in Mykonos is now Uber Boat. This service provides an exciting way to admire the island’s coastline while passengers reach their destination. Be sure to schedule your Uber Boat at least 45 minutes in advance.

How To Get Around Mykonos

Despite the pricing pitfalls of taking an Uber in Mykonos, there are several other transportation options for getting around Mykonos. In addition, these can meet different budgets and preferences.

As someone who has spent months in Greece, I am very familiar with transportation in the country. I’ll share what you need to know to get around Mykonos efficiently.

Rental Vehicles in Mykonos

A rental car is always a great option if you’re planning to visit different regions of Mykonos or want extra flexibility. One of the best online resources to use to find a rental car that I personally use is Discover Cars. They are my preferred resource because they provide the best rates from international and local companies.

A rental car provides ease of mind as you won’t have to worry about waiting on a taxi or getting a seat on the next available bus. What beats getting where you want when you want?!

👉TRAVEL TIP: If you plan to drive in Greece, don’t forget your international driving permit (IDP) and national driver’s license! You can get an IDP at AAA if you’re from the USA.

Where Can I Rent a Car in Mykonos?

For the most convenient and efficient rental car pickup in Mykonos, the Mykonos International Airport is highly recommended. While renting a car from locations such as the ferry port is possible, opting for the airport ensures a smoother and more streamlined process.

➡️If you want more flexibility and/or plan to visit different parts of the island, renting a vehicle through Discover Cars will provide great rates.

You’re in luck if you don’t want a standard sedan or similar vehicle. There are many ATVs and scooter companies you can rent from throughout the island. The benefit of these smaller vehicles is easier parking and access to remote sites.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in Mykonos?

The cost of renting a vehicle in Mykonos can vary based on factors such as the season of your visit and the type of vehicle you choose. Regardless, you’re guaranteed to find the best rates by booking your rental car with Discover Cars.

Yes, Uber is in Mykonos, but renting a car may be good for those wanting maximum flexibility.

During the off-season, cars’ daily rates range from 40€ to 100€. However, as expected, the prices tend to be higher during the peak season due to increased demand. During this time, rental cars can cost around 70€ to well over 150€ per day.

👉TRAVEL TIP: If possible, making a reservation for your rental car in advance is the best, especially if you plan to visit during the peak season. Remember, the early bird catches the worm!

Private Transport in Mykonos

Opting for private transportation in Mykonos offers a variety of advantages that improve your overall travel experience. Private transport allows you to customize your itinerary without restrictions from public transportation schedules.

Scheduling private transport also provides comfort, privacy, and flexibility, allowing you to relax without concerns. Not worrying about catching a taxi or dealing with surcharging drivers at the port or airport is an added convenience.

In addition, private shuttles are an economical choice for parties of two or more people. There are instances where you can ride with others if you are traveling solo.

➡️I highly recommend this Mykonos Airport Shuttle Service with a terrific 5-star rating.

Taxis in Mykonos

Taxis are an additional option available for Mykonos transportation. However, there are less than 40 taxis to service an island that receives millions of visitors annually!

The whitee-washed houses in the Cyclades islands never get old!

Given that, if you take a taxi, keep their number and schedule at least an hour in advance to prevent a long wait. Due to the high demand, you may want to prepare even earlier for peak season.

👉TRAVEL TIP: Though some taxis should have meters, drivers often claim the meter is broken. Make sure that you agree on a rate before the ride starts.

How Do I Get a Mykonos Taxi?

There are various methods to locate a taxi in Mykonos without any hassle. You can hail one from the street, visit a taxi stand in Mykonos Town (Chora), or utilize the Uber app to request a ride.

👉TRAVEL TIP: For taxis, it is a Greek law that they are not to carry more than four passengers. If your party is greater than this, make sure you can locate another driver.

Is It Hard To Get Taxis in Mykonos?

As previously mentioned, less than 40 taxis are servicing the island. As you can imagine, this can become crazy depending on whether you visit in peak or off-season.

While flagging one down is not difficult, getting a driver can become challenging due to the high demand.

Buses in Mykonos

In Mykonos, buses are the only public transportation available, making them popular among travelers. In addition, they are the least expensive Mykonos transportation option, which makes them the most budget-friendly transport method.

The KTEL company operates these buses and provides year-round service, ensuring convenient transportation options for visitors to the island. You can view the bus schedule here.

Where Do the Mykonos Buses Pick You Up?

There are two main hubs for the KTEL buses: Fabrika in Mykonos Town and the Old Port. Note that these stations are around a 15-minute walk from one another. Fabrika is the more popular station, which visits many of the popular beaches and the airport.

If you don't want to use Uber in Mykonos, there are buses, which are a great transportation method.
Fabrika Station

Unfortunately, there is no direct connection between the destinations without first going to Fabrika or the Old Port.

👉TRAVEL TIP: Although most routes depart every 30 minutes, they can be crowded. Getting to the station or bus stop early can help you catch the next available bus.

How Much is the Bus in Mykonos?

The fares for KTEL buses are incredibly affordable, with a range of 1-3€. This explains why this mode of transportation is a favorite among travelers. The final destination will determine the price.

Please note that cash is the only acceptable payment for bus tickets. If you only have larger bills, it is advisable to obtain smaller denominations beforehand to ensure a smoother transaction when you reach the bus stop.

👉TRAVEL TIP: Ensure you buy a roundtrip ticket at the initial bus stop. For the return, passengers with tickets will have priority, and the driver may charge a higher rate.

What Is the Best Way To Get Around Mykonos?

Determining the optimal method of getting around Mykonos relies on your personal preferences and budget. You have multiple options available, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best.

For maximum flexibility, renting a vehicle is the best recommendation. You can select from various options, including cars, ATVs, or scooters. Using Discover Cars will provide you with the best rates for companies servicing Mykonos.

A great way of getting around Chora to view the charming architecture is simply by foot.

If you prefer not to drive, taxis or private transfers are great alternatives.

On the other hand, if cost-efficiency is a priority, buses offer the most economical mode of transportation. However, it’s important to note that Mykonos Town is the main hub which will require you to first travel there to explore other parts of the island.

Things To Do in Mykonos

Mykonos is full of activities that will give you an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to wander the picturesque streets, party until the sun rises, or enjoy a sunset cruise, there is something for anyone. Next, we’ll look at some of the best things to do in Mykonos.

✅Catamaran Cruise

What better way to appreciate the beauty of the Aegean Sea and Mykonos Coastline than through a memorable catamaran cruise? You will have a memorable experience navigating through the waves and enjoying complimentary refreshments and food.

➡️Book your scenic Catamaran Cruise in Mykonos to secure your spot!

✅Explore Mykonos Town (Chora) and Little Venice

Explore through the picturesque streets of Mykonos Town (Chora), where you’ll see the white-washed houses and winding pathways we’ve all dreamed of.

If you're wondering "Is there Uber in Mykonos?" The answer is yes! You can use the app to take you around the island to appreciate the beauty.

Visitors will discover Little Venice’s captivating beauty, lined with different shops, restaurants, and bars. Not to mention, some of the best sunsets are from Little Venice. Organized tours also go through this historical gem.

➡️Check out this excellent Highlights of Mykonos Tour that visits Little Venice.

✅Delos Day Trip

One of the best features about visiting the Cyclades is the ability to easily island hop and see multiple destinations.

An unforgettable adventure can be taken with a day trip to the ancient Delos island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Delos allows visitors to see one of Greece’s most significant sites and explore the ruins of where Apollo is said to have been born.

➡️I highly recommend going on this Delos and Rhenia Day Trip from Mykonos.

Other day trip options by ferry from Mykonos can include Paros and Tinos.

✅Visit One of the World-Famous Beach Clubs

Even if you’re not a partier, a trip to Mykonos without visiting a beach club would be incomplete! As you unwind on the beach, you’ll be enjoying serene views, eating quality dishes, and listening to your favorite music from DJs worldwide.

FAQs: Is There Uber in Mykonos

Hopefully, you now know that Uber exists in Mykonos even though it isn’t their traditional UberX service. Next, I’ll answer some of your questions about getting around Mykonos.

Is it Hard to Get Around in Mykonos?

Navigating through Mykonos is fairly simple and provides visitors with several options. Mykonos Town is walkable due to its compact size, offering an easy way to see the main sites and get lost in the cobblestone pathways. To get to the other areas in Mykonos, you can get around by rental car, taxi, transfer, or public bus.

Renting a car will offer the most convenience for your schedule and exploring more of the island. You can find a car through Discovers or rent an ATV from one of the many shops around the island. However, a private transfer is another useful option for your arrival or at other parts of your trip.

How To Get Around Mykonos at Night

Regarding getting around Mykonos at night, there are several convenient options to ensure a safe journey. Taxis can be hailed from various points in Mykonos Town, with one of the main stops by the Fabrika Station. Another popular mode of transport is the local bus service, which runs until late and offers a budget-friendly way of getting around Mykonos.

In addition, you can also book a private transfer in advance to get you around any part of the island. Regardless of your choice, there are safe and reliable ways of getting around Mykonos at night.

Is there Uber in Mykonos? Yes, but if you're staying in Mykonos town, it's very walkable.

Do You Need a Car in Mykonos?

Choosing whether to rent a car in Mykonos will depend on your specific needs and preferences. You can get by without a car if your plans consist of Mykonos Town and the popular beaches. The town is very walkable (cars aren’t allowed in the center), and many beach clubs are reachable by the KTEL buses.

However, a rental car is a great option if you plan to explore different island regions and want to avoid high taxi prices. Not only will you have maximum flexibility, but you can venture out to gems like Kiki’s Tavern. Booking through Discover Cars will get you the best car deals on the island.

👉TRAVEL TIP: Driving under the influence is never worth it. Book a taxi, hire a driver, or use the bus system if you are under the influence and need to leave.

Is Mykonos a Walkable City?

Yes! One of Mykonos Town (Chora) ‘s best parts is its walkability! The town’s compact size makes exploring the beautiful, narrow streets and alleyways on foot simple. Cars are not permitted to be driven in the town.

To Sum Up: Is There Uber in Mykonos?

I hope that this information has answered your question regarding if there is Uber in Mykonos.

In brief, you can use the Uber app in Mykonos. However, you cannot access the traditional UberX and must utilize Uber Taxi, Uber Comfort, Uber Van, and Uber Boat. Still, this provides an additional way to get around the island, as you won’t find Uber on other Cycladic islands like Paros and Naxos.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that your options for transportation during your Mykonos vacation are not limited to Uber. Alternative means, including rental vehicles, private transports, and taxis, are readily available to facilitate travel across the island.

If your Greece travel plans include other islands, plan ahead for which transportation methods will be available. Uber is not available to use in all islands, but you will still find that the app works in some, such as Santorini.

But who’s to say that the rideshare app won’t eventually be readily available in most islands?

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