Mykonos To Paros Ferry Guide: Tickets, Times & More

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I had spent several weeks in Mykonos before making my way over to Paros. In this post, I’ll show you how I made the journey so that you can explore Paros hassle-free.

One of the first destinations that may come across your mind with Greece is Mykonos. Between the beaches, world-renowned nightlife, and whitewashed houses, it’s one of the most visited destinations in the country.

While Mykonos is a grand island to visit, the island of Paros is nearby in the Cycladic region and is well worth a visit! The island is home to pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, charming villages, and a vibrant nightlife scene.

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Although direct flights are unavailable between the two locations, the ferry is a popular and convenient transportation to experience one of the most charming islands in the Cyclades. The journey between these destinations provides travelers with a swift and straightforward way to explore two stunning islands.

This post will provide all the travel details you need to get to Paros by ferry from Mykonos.

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How To Buy Your Mykonos To Paros Ferry Tickets

The most convenient way to book your ferry tickets is by using the platform Ferryhopper. This booking platform lets you compare routes, operators, and prices in a single spot. You can access Ferryhopper through their app or the web to search and book fares.

The platform commits to providing ticket options with no hidden fees. Additionally, Ferryhopper provides complimentary support, up-to-date timetable details, and live tracking.

The Mykonos to Paros ferry is an easy way to see one of the most charming Cycladic islands.

How to Buy a Ferry Ticket In-Person

If you purchase your tickets in person, you can visit the ticketing offices at the New Port in Mykonos. There will be signs to distinguish the different operators.

As you’ll need a printed copy of your ticket this way, have €1 ready as they may charge for printing.

👉TRAVEL TIP: If you visit during high season, you should arrive at the ferry port a few hours ahead if you buy a ticket in person. Ferries can sell out during peak season months.

How Long Is the Ferry From Mykonos to Paros?

Thankfully, being near each other and in the same island region leads to short ferry times between Mykonos and Paros. Several high-speed ferries are running between the two islands daily.

The high-speed ferries can transport you to Paros in 40-50 minutes. With this in mind, you can even make a Paros a day trip from Mykonos. On the other end, Fast Ferries and Seajets have normal-speed ferries with durations of around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The Naousa harbor is lined with colorful boats.

However, ferries in Greece are no stranger to delays. If you have a time-sensitive activity planned in Paros, consider the possibility of delays when choosing the time. Nevertheless, the trip between the islands is quick and efficient, with numerous departures daily.

Does the Ferry Have Assigned Seats?

When booking your ferry, you cannot select the exact seat. However, you will be assigned a seat when you check in with your Mykonos to Paros ferry operator. If you’re having trouble locating your seat on the ferry, there will be employees to assist you.

While specific seat choices are not an option, different seat types and classes are available. Business and VIP class seats provide more legroom and overall comfort. This allows you to still have some freedom in booking based on your preferences.

You are also free to walk around the ship during the journey. Many ships also will have a cafe with different snacks and beverage items for purchase. Nonetheless, the journey is brief, and you’ll find yourself in Paros sooner than you think!

Can I Bring a Car on the Ferry?

Most ferries will allow you to bring a car onboard to Paros. This is a great perk as you will have more flexibility to explore the island.

All of the Fast Ferries and Golden Star Ferries carry vehicles. Meanwhile, for Seajets, only the Express Jet, Super Jet, and Super Jet 2 ships do not allow you to bring a car. Whether or not the ferry allows cars will also be clearly stated when booking.

Can I Bring a Pet on the Ferry?

Traveling with a pet and feeling anxious about the ferry journey? No need to!

All current ferry operators between Mykonos and Paros permit pets on board. Even better, there is no additional charge!

How Much Is the Ferry From Mykonos to Paros?

The ferry cost will differ based on which operator and vessel you choose. However, most ferry prices differ by a few dollars with each operator.

Fast Ferries is the least expensive company to book with for the Mykonos to Paros ferry. Their high-speed ferry for a standard seat starts at €56 ($61) and €36 ($39) for the normal-speed boat.

The famous pink door in Paros

Meanwhile, the high-speed Super Express vessel for Golden Star Ferries is €56.5 ($62), and all boats for Seajets start at €59 ($64). As you can see, there isn’t too big of a difference for the high-speed ferries.

When I went to Paros from Mykonos, I went with Seajets and had a hassle-free experience.

Mykonos to Paros Ferry Timetable

There are numerous daily services to Paros from Mykonos. In the shoulder months, you can expect up to eight trips; in the peak season, there can be as many as nine. This gives you plenty of flexibility for your travel plans.

The first ferry typically begins at 9:50 AM, while the last occurs at 5:20 PM. For up-to-date information, you can review the timetable for your trip by visiting Ferryhopper or the ferry company’s website.

✔️ Fast Ferries’s additional route information can be found here.

✔️ Golden Star Ferries’s additional route information can be found here.

✔️ Seajets’s additional route information can be found here.

How Do You Get To The Mykonos Ferry Terminal?

No matter where you are on the island, finding transportation to take you to the Mykonos ferry terminal is possible. Booking in advance will be your safest option, as there may be high demand and traffic delays.

Renting a car is also an option. Discover Cars is an excellent resource for comparing rates between companies.

👉TRAVEL TIP: If you decide to drive, check the directions to the port in advance. This helps in the situation that you lose service.

Where is the Mykonos Ferry Terminal?

To reach the Mykonos New Port, click here for Google Maps.

If you want to be near the ferry port, the best area to stay will be in and around Mykonos Town (Chora).

While there are no buses from Fabrika station to the port, this area has the highest number of taxis and transfer services. Staying around Mykonos town will also result in reduced fares.

Where is the Paros Ferry Terminal?

The ferry terminal for Paros is in the capital city of Parikia, on the northern end of the island. The popular village of Naousa is around 6.5 miles (10.5 kilometers) from the port.

The Paros ferry port.

You can get around Paros by either bus or rental vehicle. The bus is an efficient transportation choice if you stay in Parikia or Naousa and only want to visit the most popular attractions.

If you want to explore the many villages and unique beaches, renting a car is the best option.

In addition, taxis are available, but they tend to be one of the most expensive options for getting around Paros. Unlike Mykonos, Uber is not available.

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Can You Do a Day Trip From Mykonos to Paros?

Wondering if it’s possible to take a day trip to Paros from Mykonos? While the answer is yes, Paros easily deserves more than one day of exploring.

Paros is a charming island in the Cyclades. Compared to Mykonos, there are fewer crowds, less expensive accommodations, and the sister island of Antiparos is available. In addition, Paros has a lively nightlife, which falls just behind Santorini and Mykonos.

However, next up is an ideal one-day itinerary if you can only fit a day trip for Paros.

One-Day Paros Itinerary

I spent several days in Paros exploring its gems and beauty. I’m confident that this one-day itinerary is the best way to spend your time.

➡️Stop #1: Explore Naoussa Village

The best area to start your Paros day trip is the village of Naousa on the northern coast of Paros. Naousa is a charming village that stands out as a must-visit destination on the island.

Between whitewashed houses, cobblestone pathways, and stunning shores, Naousa is one of the most beautiful villages in Paros.

There is a similar cosmopolitan feel in Naousa that you find in Mykonos. The village’s harbor is picturesque, lined with colorful fishing boats and waterfront tavernas.

When visiting Paros from Mykonos by ferry, the Venetian Castle is one of the most historical attractions to visit.

Naousa is also home to several high-end boutiques for you to shop around. While prices in Naousa are higher than in other island areas, its beauty and multiple offerings are enough reasons to visit.

The Venetian Castle is one of the most significant landmarks in Paros. While it is a ruin today, it’s a must-see in Naousa!

Some of the most popular nightlife on the island is in Naousa. If you’re staying in Paros longer and looking for a fun night out, then a few recommendations are Linardo, Fotis All Day Bar, and Sante Cocktail Bar.

➡️I recommend this Private Paros Tour that starts in Naousa.

➡️Stop #2: Relax at Kolymbithres Beach

After you’re done with Naousa, it’s time to head to Kolymbithres Beach. This is easily one of the best beaches in Paros.

What sets Kolymbithres apart are its distinctive rock formations sculpted by the sea over centuries. In return, this creates a surreal setting to view.

You can enjoy the sun and sea while lounging on smooth rocks or sandy stretches, making Kolymbithres an ideal spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. The crystal-clear waters are ideal for swimming in paradise.

The beach also features several different water sports and activities for you to enjoy during your visit. Whether it’s windsurfing through the Aegean winds, snorkeling, or canoeing, Kolymbithres can cater to anyone.

➡️Stop #3: Dinner in Parikia

Dining in Parikia, the capital of Paros, is a great way to end your day trip to Paros. What more could you ask for from combining the rich flavors of Greek cuisine with scenic views of the Aegean Sea?

As the sun sets over the town, one can stroll through the narrow streets before settling in for dinner. One of the most popular Greek cuisine restaurants in the area is AROMA. This restaurant is located right in front of the sea and offers fresh, delicious menu items.

Other recommended restaurants in Naousa include The Little Green Rocket, Stou Fred, and Cuore Rosso.

Does Paros Have an Airport?

Yes, Paros has its own airport, New Paros Airport (PAS). The airport is relatively small but still provides an efficient way to travel to and from Paros for your Greece vacation.

Unfortunately, there are no flights between Mykonos and Paros. You will first need to take a connecting flight to Athens. This applies to any Cycladic island you want to hop to within the same region.

Marpissa Village in Paros.

If you still wish to fly, an additional option is to reserve a private helicopter transfer.

To Sum Up: Mykonos to Paros Ferry

When I first traveled to Greece, I loved how easy it was to bounce around the different islands. High-speed ferries make reaching Paros island simple from Mykonos. Thankfully, the booking process for the Mykonos to Paros ferry is super easy through Ferryhopper.

Whether you’re considering visiting Paros as a one-day excursion or a longer visit, the ferry is the best option for travelers seeking to discover additional picturesque coastlines and views.

Enjoy your time in Paros! It’s an incredibly charming island. If you have an extended stay in Paros, you can easily visit the nearby island of Naxos.

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