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The “Who” And “Why” Behind My Elated Odyssey

Hi there! It’s Tamara! I have been travel blogging since 2021 and have visited 26 countries. I started this blog to share tips, guides, and more for various worldwide locations.

Through slow traveling, I have become an expert at finding everything from the most adventure-filled to relaxing activities at destinations.

I aim to inspire YOU to embark on your odyssey by sharing my travel adventures and advice. Whether it’s a trip to Florida or a bucket list Greece vacation, I’m here to help you with your travel dreams.

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Some travelers may say that it’s impossible to pick a favorite country. Me, on the other hand? Greece is, without a doubt, my favorite country I have traveled to!

My goal is to travel to Greece every year and explore all that this incredible country has to offer.

Get ready to explore Greece and have the time of your life with my detailed guides and travel information!