Milos vs Santorini: Which Island Is Better?

Struggling to choose between Milos vs. Santorini for your next trip?

You’ve come to the right place! After visiting both islands, I can help you out on deciding on Milos vs. Santorini.

Choosing between Milos and Santorini is daunting, as they are both excellent locations. Because I’ve visited both, I can confirm they are fantastic islands!

To help make your decision easier, let’s compare the different aspects of visiting each island. We’ll look at the beaches, costs, nightlife, and more to help you decide which is right for you.

So, let’s start by comparing Milos vs. Santorini without further ado!

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Milos vs. Santorini: Which Greek Island is Better?

If you have to decide between a trip to Milos or Santorini, that doesn’t shock me. These Greek island destinations are some of the most unique that Greece has to offer. Between beaches, stunning views, and plenty of outdoor activities, these islands have something for everyone to enjoy.

However, there’s still an important question to be answered: which destination is the best for you, Milos or Santorini?

Next, we’ll compare the two destinations to see which island has more of what you want.

Best Things to Do in Milos

✅Visit Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach is an outstanding destination to explore and discover. Its breathtaking moonscape of white rock formations makes it one of Greece’s most visually stunning beaches.

Many regard this as the best beach in Milos island.

Sarakiniko is one of the best beaches in Milos

The landscape looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Visitors are amazed by its white cliffs standing tall against the crystal blue sea. In effect, it’s an incredibly unique location with a lunar-like atmosphere that can only be experienced first-hand. 

➡️Check out this Milos Land Tour that visits Sarakiniko!

As one of the most popular beaches on Milos, the beach is most crowded from late morning to early afternoon.

During sunrise and sunset, people come to watch the spectacular colors of pink and orange light up the sky while they listen to gentle waves crashing on the shore. It’s truly a magical experience!

✅Boat Tour to Kleftiko Beach

A visit to the iconic Kleftiko beach in Milos is a must-do for this Greek island. Located on the remote western end of the island, Kleftiko Beach offers unparalleled views of stunning turquoise waters and towering white cliffs.

Few places can offer such an incredible experience as this one.

Beautiful beaches like Kleftiko beach in Milos can make the decision between Milos vs Santorini hard!

A boat tour to Kleftiko Beach is an excellent way of exploring the area and enjoying its beauty up close! You can explore all kinds of fascinating rock formations, including caves and tunnels that have been carved out by thousands of years of ocean currents.

➡️I went on this half-day Kleftiko Tour.
It also visits the Kalogries, Sikia, and Agia Kiriaki beaches.

The area around Kleftiko Beach is also home to many species of birds, with cormorants and gulls being just some examples.

Not to mention, it’s common to spot dolphins playing nearby while enjoying your boat trip! This makes it one of the most excellent beaches in Milos for wildlife watchers too.

✅Visit Klima Fishing Village

Klima fishing village on the Greek island of Milos is an idyllic spot for visitors seeking a picturesque and calm day trip.

Klima fishing village is worth a visit in Milos.

The long strip of multi-colored traditional fishermen’s houses, known as “syrmatas,” can be seen along the coastline of Milos Bay. These homes are painted in different colors, making them easily recognizable to their owners and making for pretty postcard-worthy shots.

Visitors will find plenty to do at this charming fishing village, including watching the beautiful sunset over the bay and enjoying a delicious meal at the only seaside restaurant in town.

✅Wander Around the Capital, Plaka

Plaka Village is truly a unique town boasting gorgeous Mediterranean Sea views. You’ll be able to admire its many landscapes, including lush green vineyards and gardens.

The village is full of shutters, doors, fences, and bougainvillea with bright colors.

A white-washed building in Milos.

In return, it makes it feel like you’re walking through a real-life painting. Not only is this village home to some beautiful sights and scenery, but there are also plenty of activities for visitors.

You can wander around the narrow streets, which prohibits cars, or stroll along the seafront promenade.

The history and culture in Plaka are equally as captivating as its beauty. Moreover, as the capital town of Milos Island, you can explore the ruins of ancient settlements like the Venetian castle and Neanderthal cave dwellings.

✅Journey to Tsigrado Beach 

Tsigrado Beach is a must-visit place on the Greek island of Milos. This small bay should be at the top of your Milos to-do list with its stunning aquamarine waters, white sandy beach, and impressive rocky cliffs.

Tsigrado is one of the must-visit beaches on Milos island.

The crystal clear waters make for an idyllic spot for swimming, snorkeling, and exploring underwater formations.

The shallow depth means that even non-swimmers can have a pleasant time in the sea without fear of being swept away by more giant waves.

➡️I recommend this excellent Kayaking Tour that visits Tsigrado!

Plenty of exciting rock formations exist on both sides of the bay, with interesting caves tucked into the sides of the cliff. Wildlife lovers can spot plenty of sea life here, including vibrant corals and fish such as octopi, squid, and parrotfish.

Best Things to do in Santorini

✅Watch the Sunset at Oia

Oia is a village on the island’s northern coast known for its many whitewashed buildings and iconic windmills.

The stunning sunsets in Santorini make the decision between Milos vs. Santorini very hard! One has to see a Santorini sunset at least once.

During sunset, locals and tourists flock to Oia’s castle to witness one of nature’s most spectacular shows, where the sky turns into a canvas of bright pinks, oranges, and purples.

This popular spot comes alive during the summer months. This is when locals and tourists flock to the village to enjoy a night of music and dancing in one of Oia’s many tavernas.

✅Visit the Red Beach

The Red Beach of Santorini is one of the unique natural wonders on the island due to its stunning rock formations and vibrant red sand. The beach consists of two coves surrounded by tall volcanic cliffs, making it a stunning spot for photos and swimming.

Red Beach in Santorni is one-of-a-kind.

The beach is easily accessible by bus or car, and plenty of restaurants and cafes are nearby. If you’re looking for something more active, there are plenty of watersports and activities to choose from, like snorkeling and jet-skiing.

✅Flying Dress Photo Shoot

Be the embodiment of beauty and grace with a flying dress – an incredibly lustrous satin gown perfect for capturing your most memorable moments.

When deciding on Milos vs Santorini, the flying dress photo shoot in Santorini is a special activity!

Not only will you look captivating, but you can also take some of your best photographs or videos due to this exquisite fabric’s radiant luminosity in natural light!

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No trip to Santorini is complete without doing one of these photoshoots! The island is the perfect backdrop for a magical experience, with its clear blue waters and iconic white buildings.

With a professional photographer guiding you, you’ll be able to capture memories that you’ll never forget.

✅Fira to Oia Hike

The hike from Fira to Oia on the Greek island of Santorini is an unforgettable experience. You will come across breathtaking sights and sounds that will leave a lasting impression. In addition, every corner of this route offers a unique display of nature and architecture.

The Fira to Oia hike may make Santorini worth it while you choose to visit Milos or Santorini.

You’ll explore traditional villages with charming white-washed houses, as well as get lost in the winding streets where colorful flowers and bougainvillea vines cover every wall.

This trail is one of the best ways to appreciate Santorini’s culture and heritage – from Venetian settlements to medieval castles that have been standing for centuries – all without dealing with traffic or large crowds like you would find in other popular tourist destinations.

✅Boat Tour to the Volcano

Exploring the volcanic island of Santorini on a boat tour is an incredible experience. The island’s landscape and architecture are iconic, and its waters are renowned for their cobalt blue hue.

View from a catamaran boat in Santorini.

On a boat tour, visitors can take in all of the beauty while enjoying breathtaking views from the sea. Not only will they witness the natural beauty of the island, but they’ll also gain insight into its culture, history, and about the infamous volcano.

➡️This is a great Santorini Catamaran Cruise that visits the volcano! Includes lunch and drinks.

Experienced guides will comment on how powerful and unpredictable nature can be while sharing stories about past eruptions that shaped Santorini throughout its long history.

Milos or Santorini: Beaches

Greece is known worldwide for its iconic beaches. Between Milos and Santorini, they both have stunning beaches for you to visit, relax and enjoy water activities at.

There are more beaches in Milos and more unique ones; however, Santorini still has remarkable beaches worth visiting!

On Milos, you can feel like you’ve teleported to the moon on Sarakiniko, while on Santorini, you can visit one of the rare black sand beaches that exist in the world.

Milos Beaches

When it comes to beaches, Milos is a real winner. The island has some of the most beautiful and photogenic beaches in Greece. Some of the most popular beaches in Milos include Sarakiniko, Tsigrado, and Kleftiko.

When comparing Milos and Santorini, Milos is considered to have better beaches.

All of these beaches feature crystal clear waters and incredible rock formations – making them a must-visit for anyone traveling to Milos.

Santorini Beaches

Though Santorini has fewer beaches than Milos, it still offers some stunning spots to sunbathe and relax. The most unique beach on the island is Red Beach – which features spectacular red cliffs, calm waters, and plenty of umbrellas for rent.

Perissa beach in Santorini

Other Santorini beaches include White Beach, Perissa Black Beach, and Kamari Beach. Perissa is one of the best beaches in Santorini for swimming and is known for its distinctive black sand and beach bars.

🏖️Santorini vs. Milos for beaches? Milos!

Milos or Santorini: Costs

Regarding the costs in comparing Milos vs. Santorini, Milos is the least expensive destination for lodging and dining. During the peak summer months of July and August, rates are costly in Santorini.

Despite that, you can still find affordable accommodation options in both as there are budget hotels and vacation rentals, and Santorini has hostels.

Accommodations in Milos

The costs on Milos island are relatively low, making it an affordable destination for those on a budget. There are also picturesque luxury hotels and resorts available on the island. The food and drinks in Milos are also reasonably priced (and very delicious).

Milos vs Santorini: Accommodation
View from the pool at Artemis Seaside Resort.

Where to Stay in Milos

📍Milos Cove ($$$)– While Milos has several luxury accommodations, Milos Cove will undoubtedly be at the top of your list. At this 5-star hotel, each room includes a pool or jacuzzi! Not to mention, Milos Cove also comes with a gorgeous pool, a private beach, and 2 bars and restaurants.

📍Artemis Seaside Resort ($$)– I chose Artemis Resort when I stayed on the island. In addition to the refreshing welcome drink and rooms with private jacuzzis and pools, the hotel has a great restaurant and private beach.

📍Anamnisi Studio ($)– With a location in front of the beach and a short distance to the center of Adamantas, Anamnisi Studio is an excellent value for money. This accommodation also features kitchenettes, free parking, and balconies in select rooms.

Accommodations in Santorini

The costs of visiting Santorini are higher than in Milos. However, while it’s often thought of as more of a luxury destination, it is still reasonably affordable.

The food and drinks are generally more expensive than on Milos, and the accommodation options are more varied.

There are many luxurious stays in Santorini that are still affordable!

👉TRAVEL TIP: To get the best rates in Santorini, travel in the shoulder season months of May or October.

Where to Stay in Santorini

📍Andronis Boutique Hotel ($$$)– For those looking for an ultimate luxury option, Andronis Boutique hotel is the perfect stay. Coupled with panoramic caldera views, this hotel features a pool, spa, excellent service, and an on-site restaurant.

📍Abasa Suites ($$)– Located in Fira, Abasa Suites is a 4-star hotel offering stylish rooms and even suites with jacuzzis. Amenities include a delicious breakfast, a pool, and free parking. Additionally, it is only a 15-minute walk to Fira’s center.

📍King Thiras Hotel ($)– If you’re still looking to enjoy a quality Santorini stay that won’t break the bank, then King Thiras Hotel is for you! While it is not super inexpensive, it offers some of the best rates you can find while still having a great location and amenities. The hotel includes a bar, free parking, and a great breakfast.

💰Santorini vs. Milos for costs? Milos!

Milos or Santorini: Getting Around the Island

The transportation options are the same whether you’re in Milos or Santorini. Both are a range of rental vehicle types, taxis, and private transfers if you don’t want to drive yourself.

Many choose to rent ATVs or motorbikes, as they make it easy to navigate through narrow roads, venture to beaches, and make parking easier.

Getting Around Milos

Getting around Milos is quite simple as it’s a smaller island. The island has a good network of roads, which makes it perfect for those exploring the area.

You can rent a car and drive around the island or use public buses to get around.

Here is where I book rental cars

The buses can be limited in availability, so renting a vehicle is the most popular option for tourists. Additionally, having a personal vehicle will allow you to visit harder-to-access beaches.

Getting Around Santorini

Getting around Santorini is similar to Milos; however, getting behind the wheel can be slightly more challenging.

The roads are winding and narrow, thus making it difficult for those unfamiliar with driving on the island. You can rent a car or ATV, take public buses, or hire a taxi.

ATVs are a way to get around Santorini!

Due to the popularity of Santorini, taxis are sometimes scarce and pricey. Uber is also available; however, they charge a flat rate regardless of how far or close your destination is.

🚗Santorini vs. Milos for getting around the island? Both! They both have the same options available for transport.

Milos or Santorini: Nightlife

Looking to have a fun night out and enjoy some cocktails and dancing? Well, you’re in luck!

While Santorini has a designated nightlife area popular among locals and visitors, Milos is a more relaxed island with several bars.

Milos Nightlife

The nightlife in Milos is quite relaxed, with limited options. Unlike Mykonos, Milos is not categorized as one of Greece’s party islands.

You will find the most liveliness in Plaka, as well as Adamas. There are some restaurants and bars to enjoy and a few beach parties during the summer months.

Santorini Nightlife

Santorini’s nightlife is more lively than and Milos, with plenty of bars and restaurants. The most popular nightlife is in Fira, which has several different venues. Some of the most popular ones include Two Brothers Bar, The Highlander, Enigma, and Koo Club.

Milos vs Santorini: nightlife.

You will find plenty of fun with Santorini’s nightlife! Singing to ABBA with people worldwide may become one of your favorite memories. There are also some great beach parties during the summer months around Perissa Beach.

🍾Santorini vs. Milos for nightlife? Santorini!

Which Island Is Better for Honeymoons?

It depends on your preference when choosing between Milos and Santorini for your honeymoon. Both islands offer plenty of beauty and romance.

If you're choosing between Milos and Santorini for your honeymoon, Santorini offers more luxurious romantic stays.

With Milos’ stunning beaches and laid-back atmosphere, it’s the perfect destination for couples who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. On Milos, you’ll find plenty of romantic restaurants and bars to enjoy dinner or sunset drinks.

On the other hand, Santorini is great for those looking for a luxurious honeymoon or more nightlife.

With its beautiful views and abundance of five-star hotels and resorts, Santorini is the perfect destination for a luxurious and romantic getaway. Experiences like ATV tours in Santorini are another great activity for honeymooners.

❤️Santorini vs. Milos for honeymoons? Both! It will depend on your personal preferences.


Now that you know the significant comparisons between the islands, here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions about Milos vs. Santorini.

Is Milos Worth Visiting?

The answer is a resounding YES! Milos is definitely worth visiting. It has something to offer everyone, whether looking for stunning landscapes and beaches or fascinating history and culture to discover.

Milos is absolutely worth visiting.

Also, the locals are friendly and welcoming – making you feel right at home during your vacation. Plus, if you’re a fan of seafood, Milos has some of the freshest and most delicious seafood in Greece.

How Far is Santorini from Milos?

Santorini is an estimated 96 kilometers (59 miles) away from Milos.

Because of the close proximity, the islands are a perfection if you’re looking to island-hop during your time in Greece.

How to Get from Santorini to Milos

There are no direct flights between Milos and Santorini. However, the ferry system is a reliable and efficient method of transportation.

The Santorini to Milos ferry duration is 2 hours and 5 minutes, thanks to the high-speed Seajets ferries.

🛥️Ferryhopper is the easiest way to book ferry tickets and see the schedule between Milos and Santorini.
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Is Milos or Santorini Bigger?

Santorini is about twice the size of Milos. While both islands are relatively small, Santorini covers an area of approximately 73 square kilometers (28 square miles), while Milos is just 37 square kilometers (14 square miles).

This means Santorini has more space to explore, so it’s the perfect destination for those looking to experience a larger island getaway.

To Sum Up: Milos vs Santorini

If you are planning a Greece trip and wonder if you should visit Milos vs. Santorini, each offers something unique for visitors. Milos is perfect for those looking for a laid-back getaway with plenty of stunning beaches to explore.

Milos is known for its many, stunning beaches. If you have to choose Milos vs. Santorini, the beaches may make up your decision!

On the other hand, Santorini is best for those looking for a luxurious experience with plenty of nightlife and five-star lodging. No matter which island you choose, a vacation to either Milos or Santorini will surely be an unforgettable experience!

In conclusion, Milos and Santorini offer visitors a unique and beautiful holiday experience. Due to this, it really comes down to personal preference when deciding where to take your vacation. 

Whether you’re looking for relaxation or luxury, both islands are great choices!

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